Avoid energy vampires by unplugging electronics

cartoon image of an unplugged cord UNT asks all faculty, staff and students to unplug devices that leech energy when the university is closed for extended breaks, such as Thanksgiving and Winter. This allows the university to save energy and money.

Appliances and electronics that continue to use even a minimal amount of energy when they are plugged in -- even though they may be turned off -- are called "energy vampires." In private residences, these appliances and electronics can contribute to electricity bills as they continue to drain energy even when they are fully charged. Some of these items may use continual energy so that they can perform updates or log into remote servers. If those actions are needed, then it is OK to leave devices plugged in even if they are not in use.

Some of the most common energy vampires are: computers, printers, microwaves, TVs, video game and cable boxes, cell phones (even after they have finished charging), and small appliances such as electric toothbrushes.

One easy way to turn off all items is if they are connected to an outlet by a power strip plug. Simply turning off the power strip should eliminate the vampire effect. Please also keep in mind that some electronics may require a reboot or restart if they are unplugged for extended periods of time.

For more information on energy vampires and what to do, follow the UNT Facilities social media on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or visit their website: https://facilities.unt.edu.