Division challenge coins honor deeds of staff

The Division of Finance and Administration started the 2019-20 academic year with a new way to recognize high-performing staff members. Challenge coins, which have origins in Ancient Rome and a historic association with the military, are a sign of appreciation that gives the recipient a visible reminder of their connection to the UNT mission.

Senior Vice President Bob Brown explains the importance of the division’s challenge coins in this video message:

SVP Bob Brown talks challenge coins

Division leadership has been nominating staff members all year long. They seek out staff members in their areas or key partners across UNT who deserve recognition in one of six areas: Continuous Improvement, Humanity, Ideation, Professional Development, Service or Teamwork. Click here to see a readable PDF with definitions of each of the division's coins.

If you know someone in the Division of Finance & Administration who should be nominated, please send us an email.

The Division of Finance & Administration's Challenge Coin Recipients
This list is current as of May 1, 2020 for the 2019-20 academic year.

Continuous Improvement



Professional Development



Nadia Guevara

Elena Corres Tamez

Chris Foster

Jerri Robertson

Patricia Terpilowski

Elena Corres Tamez

Brandi Renton

Lt. Eddie Flemming

Keenan Ivy

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner

Chad Ramsey

Chad Saye

Elena Corres Tamez

Meg Cochran

Joey Saxon

Karen Snyder

Joey Saxon

Jason Curry

Keenan Ivy


Elena Corres Tamez

Elena Corres Tamez

Stephanie McDonald

Margarita Venegas

Dallas Hogue


Dallas Hogue

Sgt. Cody Howell

Keith Kregel

Michelle Elliott

Neeley Shirey



Cpl. Karissa Flowers

DaMiri Young

Moe McGuinness

Nick Holsomback



Alison McMillian

Herman McKiever

Melissa McGuire

John Genuise



Peter Palacios

Elena Corres Tamez

Christina Aguilar

Chris Deaton



Dave Reynolds

Charla Friday

Vickie Coffey

Ashley Olsberg



Erica Reeves-Breeding

Margarita Venegas

Scotie Selman

Shaureece Park



Justin Stewart

Becky Chisum

Tennie Jones

Melinda Lilly



Bobby Sailer

Gylynn Hanson

Julie Elliott

Dani Valdez



Kelly Frailey

David Owen (posthumously)

Meg Cochran

Ronnie Dobbs



Charla Friday

Daniel (Danny) Griffith

Dani Valdez




John Green

Ryan Shoulders

Justin Stewart




Derek Guebert

Jackson Currin

Ronnie Dobbs




Jeffery Hilliard

Liz Smith

Chris Cooper




Minerva Morales

Van Cross

David Reynolds




Patrick Tharp

Margarita Chavez

Chad Crocker




Marcos Trejo

Maria Valladares

Ed Reynolds




Cindy Hall

Ana Cadena

Chris Deaton




Sharon Huang

Christine Cail

Jeremy Polk




Terrance Harris

Nathan Finley

Danny Armitage




Stormie Maiden

Robbie Heldman

Cynthia Hermann




Melissa O'Donnell

Jill Roys

John Shelton




Nadia Guevara

Barry Sullenberger

Scott Dunkle




Dani Valdez

Greg Obar

Peter Palacios





Sandy Howell






Abraham John






Julie Elliott






Tennie Jones






Harold Lease






Luke Taylor






Roberto Rubio






Bruce Anthony






Daniel Suda






Michelle Patnett