Division Initiatives

The Division of Finance and Administration supports the University of North Texas by creating a safe and supportive environment that allows our community members to focus on their education and professional growth. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality services in an efficient and effective manner to ensure that UNT continues toward its mission of becoming a globally involved university. The division understands the importance of employee engagement, training and development to support this goal. Within the departments, the strategic initiatives outlined below also add strength to this mission.

Budget and finance

The Budget Office continues to develop tools that help with efficient planning and management of university finances. The focus for tuition and fees are to identify and administer changes that best support the university’s student community and the academic mission of UNT.

Business Development and Compliance

The work in this area ensures that the legal, moral and ethical obligations of the university are maintained. An annual risk assessment adds to the goal of protecting the reputation of the institution. The records retention program gives guidance to the university community to ensure consistency in this area. The business development program does outreach to the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) community to promote and maintain strong relationships in that area.


UNT and UNT System have partnered on recent projects in Frisco and along the perimeter of campus to expand the footprint of the university. Smaller projects on campus focus on developing infrastructure that support the academic, athletic and service needs of the UNT community. Support for the construction of auxiliary facilities also remains a top priority.

Organizational Development

This newly established Organizational Development department dispatches their process analysts, communications and training specialists out to the greater university community to promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. 

Police Department

The overarching mission is to create a secure environment that allows students and employees to concentrate on achieving their academic and professional goals. This is best achieved through the community policing process that establishes a relationship with campus constituents through training, seminars, events with a positive focus and problem solving issues identified by both sides.

Risk Management Services

The business continuity plan development has provided a structure to the campus that will ensure its safety and provides a strategy for all areas of campus to follow during times of emergency so that the university can continue to offer dependable service to its constituents.

Student Financial Services

To support students on campus, the department has created ways to effectively manage student accounts and communicate financial solutions. The department works closely with other areas at UNT to assist in enrollment and retention.

University Information Services

Varied departments in University Information Services have the common goal of offering resources for students and employees that are delivered through cutting edge technology and with customer service needs in mind. Classroom Support Services continues to work on a project to update classroom teaching technology, and provide better integration to foster greater teamwork and collaboration.