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March 2020 Division News

UNT Service Awards Ceremony included celebration of more than 400 staff and faculty members. Read about the division service recipients here.

February 2020 Division News

UNT Bridge offers training opportunities for faculty and staff

Bridge is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps manage professional development and compliance courses for employees. It is a sister product to Canvas by Instructure.  Canvas is student-facing while Bridge is an employee-facing platform. Read more here

January 2020 Division News

Supervisory Building Blocks January graduates

On Jan. 29, UNT graduated 53 supervisors from the Supervisory Building Blocks professional development program, including 10 staff members from the Division of Finance & Administration.

Supervisory Building Blocks strengthens and develops the skills of new and current supervisors by providing classes in foundations of supervision, supervisor communications skills, performance management, coaching, hiring responsibilities, employee relations and operational services.

The program also provides an opportunity to learn collaboratively with supervisors from across the campus. Supervisory Building Blocks consists of a total of 30 hours of training, including 12 foundation sessions and six hours of elective sessions.

Supervisory Building Blocks graduates – Jan. 29, 2020

Mary Atkins

Cindy Hall

Meranda Roy

Shauna Barbato

Terrance Harris

Melissa O'Donnell

Emily Bilcik

Misty Haskins

Yvonne Penaluna

Sian Brannon

Jeffery Hilliard

Lauren Pratt

Robert Brickner

Hannah Horton

Bridget Richard

Lora Connaughton

Sharon Huang

Monique Scales

Adrienne Copeland

Dadrian Johnson

Lisa Seay

Ruth Cross

Julie Judkins

Mary Speight

Mark Evans

David Klein

Alicia Spencer

Tracie Frey

Megan Lawton

Jenn Stayton

Charla Friday

Jenna Ledford

Jennifer Stevenson

Tracy Lyn Frier

Nysa Love

Janet Strother

Renee Garris

Gina Lowe

Patrick Tharp

Kellie Golden

Stormie Maiden

Marcos Trejo

Heather Guerrero

Vishal Malhotra

Amanda Vaughn

Claudia Gonzalez-Villarreal

Roman May

Elizabeth Webb

John Green

Minerva Morales

Anne Williams

Derek Guebert

Anna Nguyen



Guidelines for FY20 merit increases

Guidelines for the faculty and staff FY20 merit increases can be found on this page.


New Youth Protection Program Director gets newsletter spotlight

Reach more about the new UNT Youth Protection Program Director, Nadia Guevara. Story can be found here.


UNT Police Department offers elective course

The UNT Police Department works with the College of Education's Department of Kinesiology to offer a course that teaches self-defense, and safety measures for all aspects of our students' lives. Story can be found here.