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UNT and UNT System welcome students with Radical Friendliness

Radical Friendliness 2019

Each fall thousands of new students come to UNT's campus - and this year the university saw record growth. To better help support so many new students and welcome all of our students back to campus, the Division of Finance and Administration came up with a plan to be "radically friendly."

The Radical Friendliness campaign included seven tabling events across the UNT campus where students could get answers to their questions, learn more about student services and get help finding their classes. The idea of volunteering for students appealed to many outside of the division and soon the total number of volunteers was at nearly 100. This included partners from nearly all divisions on campus and from UNT System staff who work on UNT's campus.

Volunteers also handed out cold water to students navigating the 100-degree heat during the first week of campus.

This initiative gave staff a chance to see how they directly influence students’ lives each day. It was so popular that it will become a new tradition for the UNT campus!

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