AVP for Facilities Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown, Associate Vice President

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Telephone: 940-565-3990   
Physical Address: 2204 W. Prairie St., Denton, TX 76203
Mailing Address: 1155 Union Circle, Box 311040, Denton, TX 76203-5017
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Telephone: 940-565-2700
Email: workcontrol@unt.edu

Facilities is a service organization responsible for the planning, renovation, maintenance and repair of university buildings and facilities; the provision of utilities, vehicle rental, refuse collection, custodial and other services essential to the mission of the University of North Texas.


Tammy McDaniel, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Luke Taylor, Assistant Director Facilities Maintenance
Vince Stippec, Assistant Director Utilities & Construction

Planning, Design and Construction

Support and Services
Hilary Liscano, Director