Senior Vice President Bob Brown retires

The Division of Finance and Administration wished a fond farewell to Senior Vice President Bob Brown and celebrated his legacy on May 5, dubbed "Bob Day" in the division.

Brown toured the departments and participated in socially distanced activities. He also had the opportunity to let the staff members know how much he had enjoyed working with them, and how much they mean to him and the entire UNT community. The departments in Finance and Administration provide many of the operational services for campus, such as Facilities, Police, Emergency Operations Center, Insurance and Claims and more. Their impact is felt well beyond the division, itself.

Division members had a chance to take photos with Brown -- some even briefly without masks, but proper social distancing and mask usage was done throughout the day. Click on the photo at the bottom of this page to view the full album of photos from Bob Day.

Brown is a UNT alumnus who joined UNT in 2014 as the division vice president.

Clayton Gibson has been named the new Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO for UNT. Read more about Gibson here.

Bob Day in the Division of Finance and Administration