Texas Municipal Clerks have history with UNT

Texas Municipal Clerks Administrative Director Miriam Sheehan talking to a groupMost people may not know UNT is a proud home for the Texas Municipal Clerk’s Association. The TMCA was organized in 1952 to promote the improvement and professionalism of the Texas municipal clerks. They don’t teach classes at UNT, and they have limited interaction with UNT students, but they are housed on campus because UNT is the only hub for TMCA students to get their certifications.

The TMCA is a professional organization for training government leaders such as city secretaries and clerks. City secretaries take care of the city council by overseeing city elections, record keeping, and city budget funds. The TMCA Publishes law manuals, election manuals and the clerk’s handbook for city use all around Texas. TMCA keeps all the information of the city for every new city council member to utilize throughout their professional development training.

Miriam Sheehan, Administrative Director for the Texas Municipal Clerk’s Association, has been with the TMCA for 16 years. She got involved with this organization because she wanted to spend her career helping people.

“It sounded like an exciting department to work for; I like the idea of not only working at UNT but going out to help people get their training,” she said.

Miriam started off her career at the TMCA as a Clerk’s Advisor, steering TMAC students in the right direction for success. She now works on getting city professionals certified with the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program which is housed here at UNT.

The certification program is for city officials to get their job training, this training is all online at their own pace. This program is made up of 4 courses: administration, public management, human resources, and budgeting funds, and election laws for the TMCA. Students within the program can access University of North Texas resources like textbooks, facilities and trained faculty and staff.