Tracking valuables

UNT Police lost/stolen items recovery video

UNT Police Department encourages incoming students and anyone with valuables they want to protect to record information ahead of time. Doing this can help reunite you with stolen or lost items that are recovered.

Click the image at right to watch their informational video.

They suggest the following steps:

  1. Use your phone to take a photo of your valuable item, including a photo of the serial number. Upload that information to the cloud so that you can access it wherever you are or if you don't have your phone with you.
  2. You may also want to write down or otherwise record the serial numbers of valuable items. Be sure to store that information in a secure place so that you can retrieve it, if needed.
  3. Consider using an engraver to etch your state ID number onto your valuable items. If the items are recovered, any police department can then track them back to you.

If you are on campus and realize you are missing one of your valuables, you can report this directly to the UNT Police at their non-emergency number, 940-565-3000 or online at

Please remember that, in an emergency, it is best to call or text 911 when on the UNT campus or in Denton.

For more tips or to connect with the department, follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook at @UNTPolice.