UNT introduces their new valet service to the campus

UNT is partnering with Parking Services of America to offer a valet service outside of the UNT Union.Starting spring 2019, University of North Texas Transportation Services collaborated with Parking Systems of America to introduce a new valet service located in front of the Union. After much consideration on how make parking more convenient for everyone, Transportation Services decided to take action in what they feel will be a suitable solution by offering the choice to valet.

“We wanted to provide an option for the campus community to park, we understand that there are different situations that occur with people running late, visitors who don’t have a UNT permit and others who need quick and easy parking,” said the assistant director, Stan Nixon. “It’s all about having convenient access to park your vehicle.”

The purpose of the service is to cut out driving around to find a spot especially if one is in a hurry. The service is open to anyone on the campus including students, faculty, staff and visitors. The valet also works as a prime resource for people to figure out where they are trying to go around campus.

“I love how it gives people a really good central point,” said Senior Communication Specialist, Trista Moxley. “If you try to GPS anywhere on UNT’s campus, it will lead you to the Union where our valet is located. It’s a nice easy spot to tell visitors to go here, you can drop your car off. You’re done, nice easy access.”

Transportation Services encourages the campus community to try the valet that if they are curious about it. The spring 2019 semester is intended to be a trial run to see if the valet service is used well. While this is happening, the service is paid for by the money it makes an some money set aside by Transportation Services.

“Student tuition money is not used for this service,” said Moxley. “Money has been saved from parking violation fines and doesn’t cost the students unless they pay the valet to park. Ultimately, we want this service to be self-supporting and that's why we have a trial period to see how it will be used.” 

Prices for to valet a vehicle start from as low as $6 for two hours, up to a max of 12 hours for $20 and is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. More information can be found at transportation.unt.edu/valet. They can also be followed on Twitter @UNTtransit and on Facebook @UNTtrasnportaion.

-- Story by Daniel Landry