YPP Spotlight

Youth Protection Program Director Nadia Guevara highlighted by peers

Youth Protection Program Director Nadia Guevara

Nadia Guevara, UNT’s new youth protection program director, was recently a highlighted member of the Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet). HEPNet is an international network of individuals who seek to connect higher education institutions with children and the youth promoting safe environments and practices.

”I have learned so much through HEPNet and my goal is to continue learning anything and everything related to youth protection in higher education to become the youth protection resource for our university,” Guevara said.

Like HEPNet the University of North Texas is also committed to protecting the safety and well-being of minors visiting the campus. Previously, background checks for program volunteers and staff, and other program resources were housed in Risk Management Services. The new Youth Protection Program has been formed to provide resources and assistance to the faculty, staff, departments and various groups that have events for minors on campus.

Guevara’s position as youth director allows for her to connect and learn about the many youth programs at UNT.

“I am discovering that our dedication to helping students and young minds succeed really motivates and inspires our faculty and staff to create opportunities for youth to participate in many life-changing experiences.” she said.

As one of the nation’s largest universities, the University of North Texas not only offers a robust catalog of degrees but also offers an extensive number of youth programs and activities throughout the year.

The youth programs focus on enriching young minds, inspiring the youth to dream, to discover how they can change their lives and the world. UNT’s programs come in many shapes and forms.

“It’s important for our Youth Protection Program that we understand these differences,” Guevara stated. “We are building an in depth understanding of our scope to better provide our youth programs with the support they need as they continue to establish and offer the safest environments for the protection of our youth participants.”

The spring semester will be a busy time for the youth protection program.

“I am excited about the opportunity we had to add a new member to the team, this will help us ensure that we have the capacity to adequately continue the work and meet the needs of all of our youth programs,” Guevarra said.

The youth program director will be continuing to connect with the different programs on campus, by providing guidance on establishing best practices to reinforce the safety of our youth participants. As well as, beginning preparations for all summer camps offered by various UNT colleges and departments.

Youth Protection Program Director Nadia Guevara can be reached at 940-565-2813 or Nadia.Guevara@unt.edu. More information can also be found on the Youth Protection Program website. The website includes basic information that will continue to be updated in the coming months.